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Needless Negativity, Bitterness and In-fighting

This is a blog wide warning. If you,

1. Say the season is over.

2. Complain about Seattle not getting respect, or getting screwed by the officials.


3. Sic yourself on a fellow user.

You will be banned.

I work to support my family. This blog represents no income to me. I do this out of the love of writing and because I think Seahawks fans deserve an intelligent place to discuss their team. For now, it is essentially a hobby. 

Perhaps it is my fault, but I can't believe the community on this site. Field Gulls has become a Trollopolis where stupidity, rancor and bloviation rule. The level of meanness and especially defeatism after one loss is embarrassing. I never wanted to quiet disagreement, but if you're not taking the time to be smart, support your points or act decently, I'm not taking twice the time to clean up your garbage.