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Cutting Ryan Plackemeier? Another Special Teams Overreaction

As a pretty strong supporter of Tim Ruskell, this is very hard to dignify.

It appears Ryan Plackemeier has shanked his last punt for the Seahawks.

The club is in the process of signing former Packers punter Jon Ryan to a two-year contract. Ryan was released last week when Green Bay signed Derrick Frost.

In 2006, Seattle was a top five punting team.

In 2007...

With Rackley as the snapper, Seattle punts were worth 3.2 points of field position above league average, and Seattle gained 2.4 points on field goals compared to a league-average kicker. With Stutz, punts were worth minus-10.8 points of field position below league average, while missed field goals and an aborted extra point cost the Seahawks minus-3.0 points compared to a league-average kicker.

And now after one game, Plackemeier is being cut? Unless there is information that I am not privy to, this is a massive overreaction and just bad, fearful management.

On Roscoe Parrish's punt return touchdown, the fault is anything but Plackemeier's. First, the punt is nearly blocked, shortening Plack's kick and leading to a low, long kick that outkicks the coverage team. That's bad, but it's the protection's fault, not Plack's. Second, Logan Payne is a horrendous gunner. His contribution is the same every kick, run down the field, fail to adjust towards the returner, fall down, run after the return man. And finally, Parrish did this to everyone last season. Well not this bad, but the Bills had the third best punt return unit in the NFL last season. And double finally, how on God's green earth does Bruce DeHaven get free pass after free pass? I don't want anyone who appears in Failure Magazine a spot on my coaching staff.

With due respect to Ruskell's defensive talent evaluation and patience for his offensive talent evaluation, his constant fidgetting with the special teams, to consistent failure, has become a real black eye for his administration. Anyone bet that as soon as Olindo Mare misses a few field goals, he'll be cut too?