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The Tape: Seahawks @ Bills 3rd Qtr

So much of the action in this quarter came on things I can't explain. How does Seattle miss a fake field goal? I don't know, but I can tell you that Kelly Jennings looked unprepared for any play. I hope after posting a -20.5% week one special teams DVOA, Seattle realizes their job doesn't stop when the punters and kickers take the field


Stampede: On back to back plays, Rob Sims was destroyed by Marcus Stroud. In one, the more dazzling of the two, Sims was attempting to pull right when Stroud, standing pre-snap, simply got the jump on him and knocked him down flat. That's part Sims, but mostly a lack of adjustment. The play call on Sims' planting was a sweep right, with Sims pulling. Against a defense out of the blocks, standing, roving whatever you want to call it, you can't put the blocker flank first directly after the snap. That's certain to backfire, and did. Against that roving front, audibling into a straight rush up the gut seems obvious. If the other team wants to hide its play call, but in doing so is willing to extend your time advantage, call the most basic play in the book. If Buffalo is willing to concede the line, take it and exploit it. Think about it, against a formation of roving defenders off the line of scrimmage, Seattle called a slow developing sweep play that forced the line lateral. I defy someone to explain that to me.

The Bills roved on Seattle's last play of the quarter and the confusion left Copeland Bryan unblocked. It also left Logan Payne completely open, but Beck was too busy preparing to be sacked to notice.

Speaking of Payne: First play of Seattle's second drive of the quarter, Hawks break 3 WR, I. Bufallo, nickel. The Bills rush 6, but with Leonard Weaver and Julius Jones in the backfield, the blitz is picked up. That's essential and outright novel. Payne flashes open deep left, Beck expertly drops it over Payne's outside shoulder, Payne catches, runs and is popped like a champagne bottle by Bryan Scott. The ball rolls out of bounds and Seattle retains possession; An outcome that matters in the game, but is not repeatable or indicative of skill. Payne needs to avoid taking so much abuse. The showy hit is partly Payne's fault. He wasn't blindsided, he, in fact, ran into contact. Don't do that Payne. Remember you're Logan Payne not Earl Campbell.


Brian Russell: Breaks outside containment turning a stop at the Bills two into a 15 yard gain and the first.

On a related note, seeing that McDonald's is reintroducing the McRib almost made me vomit in my mouth, but then I'd just be tasting the McRib.

You might have noticed Seattle running this blitz...


As seen in the preseason. It looks like a staple in the playbook. We'll talk this blitz, and fire zones Thursday.