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Free Agent of Interest: Shaun Cody

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What's that? A new feature at Field Gulls? Yep. FAI offers brief diagnostics on potential free agents of interest. And don't worry (and I know you were), "The Top Ten Stories that Weren't..." feature will conclude soon as I get my voice back. The Waitsian growl I'm sporting won't do.

Name: Shaun Cody

Birthdate: Today, 1983.

College: USC, 4 year starter, Freshman All-America, Consensus All-America in 2004

Notable Stats: 21 sacks, 31.5 total tackles for a loss, 8 blocked field goals

NFL: Lions, 11 starts in four years. O sacks since rookie season.

Notable Stats: 1.5 sacks, 10 tackles for a loss.

Pre-draft measurables: 4.95 in the 40-yard dash at 295 ... 425-pound bench press. ... Bench presses 225 pounds 24 times. ... 550-pound squat. ... 326-pound power clean. ... 31.5-inch vertical jump. ... 31 -inch arms. ...10-inch hands.

20 Word Scouting Report: Fast first step, high motor, single gap, three tech, high character, complete washout as pro, overachiever now underachiever, all upside.

My Take: From linchpin to underachiever and malingerer, Cody is either not long for this league or desperate for an organization with a clue. Cody played his rookie season under first Steve Mariucci and then interim coach Dick Jauron, and the next three seasons under Rod Marinelli. Cody played extensively during Mariucci's twelve weeks and nearly not at all under Jauron. A beef I have with both Jauron and Marinelli is an overdependence on practice performance when determining playing time. In 2008, Marinelli slotted Cody behind Chuck Darby at right defensive tackle. That's a mismanagement of talent. When things aren't working, a smart coach ditches the noble sounding platitudes and shakes up the depth chart. Four years of professional football say he's a bust, but I have reason to think his potential is intact.