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New Seahawks Secondary Coach Tim Lewis Handpicked Charles Godfrey

Tim Lewis handpicked Charles Godfrey:

When Panthers secondary coach Tim Lewis traveled to Iowa City for Iowa’s pro day last winter, he realized Godfrey had more NFL potential as a safety.

"He came back and said Charles would be a great safety," said Panthers secondary/safety coach Mike Gillhamer. We wanted somebody athletic in the draft and we knew he’d really hit somebody."

Godfrey started 16 games for a the eighth rated pass defense. A team that was 18th ranked against the pass just a season ago. Godfrey was the only new starter in unit that returned its two starting cornerbacks and starting strong safety. And that though Godfrey was certainly not the lone reason for Carolina’s defensive turnaround, observers noted his often superlative play.

This is exactly the quality I want in a secondary coach: the ability to recognize talented defensive backs.