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The Market for Jovan Haye

...Just got smaller by one. New Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Jim Bates run contain system demands two gap tackles. Like his time under Dave Wannstedt, he's playing second banana under new head coach Raheem Morris and may have to flex to his head coaches wishes, but his hiring alone implies a probable shift or at least adjustment of system. If Tampa's out, then the market for Jova Haye's is really quite small.


Tony Dungy retired. His successor, Jim Caldwell, is a Tampa 2 proponent, but likely not as strict as Dungy. Dungy and Monte Kiffin form the original two and the true standard bearers of the system. Indianapolis is still a potential destination for Haye, but every so slightly less so.

Minnesota and Buffalo are set at defensive tackle. Chicago, is set at the three tech.

Herm Edwards and Rod Marinelli were fired from the Chiefs and Lions, respectively.

Green Bay is switching to a 3-4.

The market for Haye's services could be Seattle and Seattle alone. Even if Caldwell keeps the Tampa 2 intact, Indy has decent depth at defensive tackle, especially single-gap, three tech type tackles. If the market for Haye is soft, Seattle would be foolhardy not to pursue him. Jovan Haye as rocket-fueled Ellis Wyms makes me smile, makes me think that each time the Tampa 2 "dies", it becomes that much more vital to Seattle's defensive resurgence.