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Seahawks Hire Greg Knapp as OC

Per Adam Schefter. This was about as surprising as ... well, something not very surprising. I'm off to e-mail a buddy of mine who has covered the 49ers for years with some intel. Be back with that by the end of the day.

Update by John Morgan: A few quick reactions for now. Tomorrow, I'll start a week and a half look at the Greg Knapp playbook.

  • Knapp shoots for a 50+ percentage of run plays. To do that, he spreads carries between two or ideally three backs. Justin Forsett lovers could see Force seeing regular carries. I would expect Seattle to pursue a running back this offseason.
  • Knapp does not run with his fullback. Justin Griffith, who followed Knapp to Oakland, has never recorded even twenty carries in his five seasons playing under Knapp. That's deceptively high, the mode for Griffith's carries per game is zero. Griffith received most of his carries substituting at running back.
  • That means Leonard Weaver is either on his way out, in line to be transitioned to running back, or about to get a whole lot less valuable.