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Update: Seattle Signs Bradley

Update: Confirmation.

That claim found here. [Edit: Link is now dead, but the quote is legit.]

Here's the basics:

Bradley is a fast rising star. He spent one season with Tampa as defensive quality coach before being promoted to linebackers coach in 2007. He has ten years of college coaching experience. He's more rookie than retread.

Bradley hails from the home of the Tampa 2, but is not as steeped in it as Marinelli. Bradley's starting linebackers produced three sacks over two seasons. So if you're hoping for the wild and woolly wackiness of Jim Johnson, well...Bradley prefers to pressure with the front four and though I'm not sure Seattle will go straight Tampa 2, this is a definite move towards a Tampa 2.

Those three sacks came courtesy Barrett Ruud. The second round pick out of Nebraska is printed across the top of Bradley's résumé. Ruud has become one of the best, most well rounded middle linebackers in the NFL.

Bradley is not Rod Marinelli.

Few more facts and comments:

Bradley played free safety at North Dakota State. Yes, free safety. Which is either fantastic news for fans or fantastic news for Brian Russell.

As defensive coordinator at NDS, Bradley ran a variant of the Tampa 2. I think it's safe to say this is what Tim Ruskell wants. I'm curious and a bit frightened to see how he executes it.

One of the hallmarks of Tampa's resurgent defense is gap control. Bradley, teach our linebackers gap control.

Words you see associated with Bradley: classy, innovative, hard working, energetic, excellence.

Sounds like a real good hire and the type of new blood I've longed for in Seattle.