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Fifty One-liners about the Second Quarter

50. Seattle's offensive line struggled against a still good Bears defensive line.

49. No one struggled more than Ray Willis.

48. Willis spent much of the quarter crouching, watching his man chase Seneca Wallace.

47. Robert Mathis says "hello".

46. Seattle's two-minute drill to end the half was miserably executed.

45. It's a testament to how self-defeating the two-minute defense is that Olindo Mare got a shot.

44. Greg Knapp spaces his running back at half, full and right of center.

43. Seattle's situational pass rush line is very effective.

42. Aaron Curry blew two tackles in two plays.

41. As best as I could tell, Seneca Wallace was not using hot routes.

40. The Bears relied heavily on the blitz to protect their secondary.

39. Their secondary sucks.

38. Deion Branch was playing the Deon Butler role.

37. That role: Run deep and never get targeted.

36. Kelly Jennings hesitated to tackle Earl Bennett on a wide receiver screen.

35. That hesitation allowed Chris Williams to pull out and block Jennings.

34. The reception went for 23 yards.

33. Deon Grant fell midway through a Greg Olsen route and left him wide open, but Jordan Babineaux stopped him at the reception point with a solid open field tackle.

32. Brandon Mebane was doubled off the line but Colin Cole held his ground and tackled Matt Forte after one yard on second and two.

31. Will Herring looped around two lead blockers to get a glancing blow low on Forte.

30. It worked and Seattle's backup backers dropped Forte for a loss of two.

29. Staying uncharacteristic, Herring blew coverage on the next play.

28. He dropped and that allowed Forte to come free underneath.

27. Gang tackling forced a drive-ending fumble.

26. !

25. Cory Redding dropped into cover on a sublimely hidden strong safety blitz by Deon Grant.

24. Grant wrapped around end untouched and hit Jay Cutler as he was throwing.

23. The ball floated into the hands of the big man and Redding took a knee in the end zone to give Seattle the ball at the twenty.

22. The officials reviewed Redding's cover and ruled he actually fell attempting to jam Olsen...

21. that Olsen caught an easy touchdown pass...

20. and that Ichiro is an illegal and should be promptly deported.

19. Wallace started the two-minute drill by throwing into double cover.

18. That double cover disintegrated when two Bears smashed into each other, hurting one.

17. A stupid decision turned wonderful--T.J. Houshmandzadeh streaking uncovered with one man to beat--is undone by an overthrow...

16. Proving two mistakes beat one.

15. Dick Stockton credited Lance Briggs with the pressure.

14. The Bears rushed three, none of whom was Briggs.

13. Wallace was not under pressure.

12. John Carlson dropped a pass.

11. Chris Spencer blew a block on a sloppy screen pass attempt.

10. King creative set his tight ends wide in a four wide receiver-tight formation.

9. The wide receivers were aligned like tight ends.

8. The tight ends were supposed to block in and then run laterally into the flats.

7. Neither tight end managed to block anyone.

6. Wallace didn't look towards either in the flat.

5. The pass was tipped by Anthony Adams and fell incomplete.

4. Seattle blitzed four times.

3. Owen Schmitt dropped a pass.

2. Dick Stockton thought it was John Carlson.

1. Upon further review, all white people look alike.