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Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks Open Thread

I need the Seahawks to win. Win goddamnit.

Let's tie up some loose ends.

On Ray Willis: Greg Knapp adjusted to Willis' perceived weakness against the edge rush. Third and seven, pinned at the Seahawks 23 and down 28 with only 8:50 to go, Knapp assigned a tight end to chip the defender opposite Willis. That defender was not Robert Mathis. Mathis ran past Brandon Frye, stripped Seneca Wallace and Raheem Brock recovered.

Willis faced a tough assignment and held his own. He showed something against his nemesis: the speed end. Willis showed he can shadow and clear and that makes him a viable right tackle moving forward. He moved well, cut well and did his Willis thing: Knocking around guys on the second level and owning the Colts ends on run plays.

Frye couldn't handle Dwight Freeney. He couldn't handle Mathis. Frye is a good talent, but he's unseasoned. As Willis and Steve Vallos have shown, a lineman can start a liability and develop the skills to stick. Frye has good potential.

It's a little troubling Knapp took so long to adjust and when he did, adjusted wrong. Mathis blew past Frye. Knapp assigned blocking help to Willis to start Seattle's next offensive series.

Patrick Kerney is inactive: Seattle shouldn't be better without Kerney, but they might be. They certainly would be better without his contract.

Darryl Tapp is supremely underrated. He is a bit below average at holding the long edge, but he isn't terrible. He is supremely disruptive in the pass game. His sack numbers do not do his edge rush and inside move justice. If Seattle has the smarts to start him, watch how his edge pressure frees the defensive tackles and opposite end to get after the quarterback. That's the power of his ability to stretch the pocket. Watch the secondary look stronger. That's the power of shortening a quarterback's clock. Tapp is good in coverage, versatile and a linebacker like run stopper. He doesn't plug, but he does make plays.

Seattle needs to win this. Win Matt Hasselbeck. Win Goddamnit.