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98, 92, 79, 3 and 6

All around Nick Reed were offensive linemen, smacking his shoulder pads, making him look small. Reed is small. Where you expect a second gear, you see his first gear petering out. But he's the Bruce Lee of defensive end. He picks the right pass-rush move and performs it excellently. On this play, he was in the right place at the right time. Some players seem to have a knack for that, whether that knack is real or imagined. Some players seem to turn the good into the great.

The good was Brandon Mebane. After going Zapruder Film on the replay, I am pretty sure Mebane stripped Garrard a split second before Lawrence Jackson. Jackson and Reed were single blocked on the outside and Cory Redding dropped into cover. Mebane navigated a triple team before twisting close enough to Garrard to drop a meat hook on the ball. Before he could slap it away, his indomitable bull rush freed Reed by briefly forcing a quadruple team. Reed disengaged from Tra Thomas and ran across the line. He shed the idle right guard, Uche Nwaneri, before breaking to scoop the ball and run 79 yards for the touchdown.

On second thought, maybe Reed had the good and Mebane the great.