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Seattle Signs Damion McIntosh, Puts Brandon Frye on IR

That news via Danny O'Neil, with a hat tip to Dukeshire and quickhandsandfeet for alerting me.

I hope Brandon Frye is ok. Neck stingers vary in severity, and though teams sometimes IR an injured player to retain him without taking a roster spot, Seattle is not in a position for a such shenanigans. I don't think. We probably will not receive updates until next year, but hopefully rest and time off is enough and he can return next year and provide valuable depth.

Damion McIntosh is a ten year veteran that played for Mike Solari in Kansas City. He was cut, in part, because his performance no longer matched his salary. He also isn't much of a pass defender. McIntosh played left tackle in 2007, but shifted to right tackle in 2008. Solari was his coach in 2007. He gives Seattle more overall depth at tackle, but I hope he isn't counted on to play left tackle against a good edge rusher. McIntosh is more power than finesse.