What the Losers Are Saying: Jacksonville Jaguars

If anyone follows my blog (the 6 of you know who you are) then you'll be familiar with a weekly segment I do entitled "What the Losers Are Saying", which aims to look for the best in humor, insight, ranting, and analysis from several team-specific blogs and/or forums. The obvious catch is you have to lose to get on the list. I have way too little time to cover every loss but I usually pick teams that were blown out, blew a big lead, or lost a heartbreaker. Here's a taste test of a recent edition, which was dedicated to the Washington Redskins after losing 19-14 to the Detroit Lions.

Someone here suggested that I do WTLAS on Field Gulls (I think it was wyte_lightning who made the suggestion) and he has convinced me to do so. For every week the Seahawks win there will be a special edition dedicated just to our defeated opponents. I couldn't have picked a better time to debut this.

Come on and take a trip with me to Jacksonville to see how the glum are coping with their favorite team capitulating at Qwest!

In-Game: Hass to Burleson to Make it 20-0


I have been a Nelson apologist since he was drafted... I OFFICIALLY GIVE UP ON HIM

Well, that's game over folks. If we don't score this next drive I'm turning off the TV and going outside.

###### kind of hit was that Mathis? He just patted him on the back...


no energy.... no heart... no tackling.... no points.... no win.... hello top 15 pick in next years draft... hello LA

While we're rebuilding, maybe we can get Rashean some testosterone shots, because he is seriously lacking in something. What a sissy.

Fantastic angry quotes from the Jaguars forum's 1st half game thread.

I didn't even bother to include several quotes saying we're a terrible team. Some angry trollish comments about moving the team to LA also trickled its way in.

In-Game: Curry Forces the Fumble, Cory Redding Recovers

Well that's a start.

Maybe now an actual Seahawk will grab the ball and drop it in Burleson's hands for a TD.

Nice....they are hitting David every time he drops back. Why can't we get to their QB I wonder?!?!?!? Maybe because Harvey is a bum.....we wasted multiple picks to get a guy who will be no better then Spicer when it is all said and done. I mean JC we can not even beat a guy they just called up last night to play.

More gold from the Jaguars forum in the 2nd half.

Aaaaaaand one more from the game!

In-Game: Nick Reed for Six!

JESUS!!!!!!! Just amazing And when I think it can't get any worse i will be in a mild form of depression until next sunday really, this is the epitome of bad. The worst they have ever been. Just fu*(ing stupid this is the worst ive ever seen from the Jags. Completely inept. 2nd Half Game Thread from the excellent Big Cat Country.

History shows that this is the 3rd largest defeat in Jaguars history. They've been bested 44-0 and 58-13 but those were many many years ago. If there was a day where everything went wrong for them, it was this last Sunday. No turnovers, one sack, 4 TDs allowed, 1 defensive TD against, recovered none of the 3 Seahawks fumbles, you name it, Jacksonville did not have it go their way. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

Post Game: Jaguars Collapse in the Trenches

"Well, the Jaguars lost horribly yesterday to the Seahawks. I really don't know what to say about the utter failure of the lines to make an impact at all. Those calling Derrick Harvey a bust can no longer be legitimately retorted. Unless he begins a drastic change and starts showing improvement, which isn't likely, then he'll finish this season with a similar number of sacks to last year (3.5). It's becoming apparent that the Jaguars lost their best defensive lineman when Heyward went down. Harvey was up against a man promoted from the practice squad, and got little to no pressure against a pass-first team. Inexcusable. That's all, just totally inexcusable. Not everyone played horribly, but the lack of pressure was the main issue here, as coverage wasn't horrible besides a few blown assignments. When you have that kind of time, you will complete throws, that's a fact. An NFL QB is not going to throw many picks or poor passes unless they are under pressure.

David looked bad, but in my opinion, the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the offensive line. Tra Thomas started the game, which many fans have been clamoring for. Well, you got what you wanted, an old, slow, veteran stop-gap who was beaten badly early. He was replaced by Monroe, whom the Seahawks immediately targeted. Monroe responded by playing as he has all season... inconsistent. That's the issue, the QB's blindside was routinely attacked in successful ways early on. Once the Seahawks had a comfortable lead, we saw less blitzing, but still pressure routinely got to Garrard... inexcusable."

sliencecs also from Big Cat Country after witnessing the Jags' "pass rush" and "offensive line" go to pieces on Sunday.

Hope you guys are glad we didn't go after Eugene Monroe. Actually I bet you he would've just gotten injured instead of playing inconsistently.

Post-Game: Fire Jack Del Rio

"The Fans have completely lost confidence in your ability to coach this team. We've asked Wayne [Weaver] to fire you, even though you have that new contract and it would cost him a bundle. So what? In the grand scheme of things, virtually any coach he replaced you with would automatically put butts in seats and elevate the level of the team. Cowher, Gruden, Shanahan - all of them are available for a price, and if Wayne wants to stay in the NFL he needs to be willing to pay that price. Those coaches are proven commodities in this league, and The Fans would be happy with any of them. You were a nobody when he hired you, and seven years later you're still a nobody.

Winning two games in a row didn't fool anybody, because The Fans knew you couldn't keep that up. What happened in Seattle was that the team was exposed for what they are - a bad team. The Offense sucked. The defense sucked. The QB sucked so badly you replaced him with a guy who got beat out by Leftwich. The play calling sucked. And most of all, the coaching sucked. You got humiliated by a Quarterback playing with a broken rib? How does that make you feel"

Whomever writes at I think this website was put up a few days ago.

I really don't think asking for his head at 2-3 is the best idea but Del Rio has a 52-49 record in 6 and 5/16 seasons with playoffs in just 2 of those. He's done well to get the Jags back into respectability in recent times but he is the AFC's John Fox. Make the playoffs one year, then suck the next one or two seasons. Neither he nor Fox has made the playoffs in consecutive seasons and Fox is on track to keep this trend alive. Got a feeling that if they both miss the postseason then they're goners based on inconsistency, not necessarily being Rich Kotite bad.

Post-Game: Ranting on Youtube (NSFW Language)

Jaguars vs Seahawks week 5 (41-0 L) (via Cartman19x)

UPDATE AT 10/15/2009, 3:31 PM PST: If you thought that was funny, dagraham in the comments section found a 10 minute crow-eating rant. Thanks dagraham!

Post-Game: Eating Crow (More NSFW Language)

Jaguars vs Seahawks Postgame Crow (via coloradosnum1jagsfan)

That's all I have. I wanted to publish this sooner but I was swamped for time so sorry it's out this late in the week. The other bad thing is the Jaguars have a small fanbase so it's hard to find some good blogs and forums. It's always good to know how the other half thinks when they're the ones getting their butts brutally kicked by the Seahawks.

Check back next week when the Cardinals make an appearance!