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Arizona Cardinals 27 - Seattle Seahawks 3

It's you write the recap. I'll piece together your thoughts and repost a real recap.

I didn't see the game, so here's my little rant sponsored by Red Zone.


Red Zone represents an outdated model. In fifty years we will look back to it as the last gasp of a dying industry. A gimmick station brought to life by an aggressive marketing campaign and an even more aggressive lobbying effort.

It's simple really: I would have paid ten dollars to watch this game. Ten dollars to watch -- for one day, three hours -- the team I live and die with - play football. I might be in the minority. Maybe most people would only pay five, or maybe ten bucks a month.

I am writing this during the moments my illegal stream stalls. I have no desire to watch this game on an illegal stream. I respect a company's right to ownership of information. I am not an anarchist, but prohibition doesn't work.

The outdated model designed by the NFL, enforced by the FCC and profited off of by companies like Comcast equal a prohibition on information. A prohibition on communication. A prohibition on my right to follow my team.

It is a right. Information is protected under the First Amendment. Perhaps I should buy the Sunday Ticket Package. Let's walk through that process.

Google it. Go through NFL page. Well, I don't really want 50+ channels, but that's the cheapest option, ok. No premium channels, just Sunday Ticket. I need a receiver. Well that sucks. I'll get just one I guess. Don't want a credit check since this is just for laughs.

Looks like $529.94 for the first month and then $29.99 for the first year. So all I need to watch this game is to pay $859.83. I am ignorant of legal precedent in this matter, but I would guess charging exorbitant sums is a form of restriction. Honest, shame be damned, I literally cannot afford that. My finances and my geography leave me had no legal means to watch today's game.

I will personally pay the Seahawks organization $9.99 a month to watch their games on No middle man. No outmoded bully to jack the prices with packages and services and unnecessary equipment. Just me, my money to my passion, sitting at my laptop, watching the team I love.