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Just Resign, Jim Zorn

Dear Jim Zorn,

Yesterday your boss cut your balls off. I've been there, but I never stood for it. It's been a tough run the last two years and it's possible you were not prepared to be a head coach. You have turned two years of struggles into recognition and respect from an influential few, but you have also become an object of ridicule. You attempted to transfer some of the blame by benching Jason Campbell. Only for his replacement, 37 year old journeyman Todd Collins, to play even worse and effectively lose the game for you.

Players are openly questioning your decision making. The Washington media has fueled every fire it could set. Dan Steinberg is posting pictures of your face and giving them ridiculous names. The Redskins are tanking. They play in the toughest division in football. This season will not be salvaged and you will not be retained when its over.

What can you keep that the media can't spin, sully and profit off? What can you keep that can't be publicly stripped? What can you keep from the best opportunity of your life gone to hell?

Your dignity. Just resign, Jim. You weathered the worst of it. The NFL has a short memory. Don't be Dan Snyder's fall guy anymore. Don't let the vultures pick from your bones. And don't put on the good face and grit your teethe through another press conference. Pack up, get out, enjoy your time off, your wealth and remember you're an intelligent man that forgot more about football than your detractors will ever know.


A Seahawks Fan