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Marcus Trufant to be Activated from PUP list

Seattle's secondary approaches whole again.

Jim Mora announced that Seattle will activate Marcus Trufant from the physically unable to return list. It's been almost two years since Seahawks fans could appreciate Trufant. After a breakout 2007 season, a mix of perceived weakness at stopping the run and a very real weakness in its secondary put Trufant back on an island in 2008. Corners tend to look bad to television audiences when they play on an island. It's very difficult to play the ball. If you are on screen, it means the receiver you are covering is being targetted and that means there is a better than 50% he will receive the ball. Trufant reassumed his role of "overrated" lockdown corner. Overrated mostly because virtually no corner can lockdown a #1 receiver in single coverage.

A corner's job is to cover. That must be appreciated in more subtle ways. Trufant's return should assist the pass rush and allow Seattle to be more creative with its coverage schemes. While both Ken Lucas and Josh Wilson have proved to be able zone corners, Seattle has relied on Kelly Jennings when it wants to man-up someone. That creates all kinds of weaknesses. It also limits the aggressiveness and innovativeness of Seattle's zones. Whenever Jennings is manning up the opposing team's number one receiver, Seattle better put a safety over top the two.

What excites me most, assuming Trufant returns at or near 100%, is that Tru showed an exciting ability to play the ball in 2007. He could play the ball because Seattle finally had cover safeties worth a damn. Brian Russell, at his very worst, could still sit in a soft shell over top. Early leads and sound deep cover allowed Trufant to make some spellbinding interceptions. Rarely will you see a corner so expertly play the ball without dropping cover.

Tru returns to the best defense he's ever played on. Corners tend to reflect the larger trend of a defense. Do not be surprised if Marcus Trufant hits the field running, pick six in his gloves.