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Well, it's more fun to hate a good team, right?

The loathsome Broncos are 6-0. Despite (or maybe because of) the vertical striped socks, tossing Cutler away like an old Spin Doctors CD, and trading away their 2010 1st round pick, Denver is (gak) a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Yeah. I know we don't want to think about that... but the "they haven't played anyone" argument is about as legit as the crap that flows from Glenn Beck's wordhole at this point. They could realistically go 13-3 or so, and that game at Lucas Oil Stadium December 13 could decide Home Field in the AFC. Despite pooping the bed in the 2005 AFC title game (fuckers), Denver would be hard to beat at Mile High next January.

We are living the Twelve Army's equivalent of the Kobayashi Maru test right now. Is there any bright side to Denver's ascendancy?

Of course it would have been way more fun (and easier on me) if Denver had met expectations and sucked harder than a Dyson. Sadly, they will be playing meaningful games in January while our Seahawks will (probably) be sitting in their "man caves" watching on giant HDTVs.

Particularly if Seattle is not in the playoffs, the main juice we could get watching the postseason is rooting against teams we fucking despise. Besides Pittsburgh, who makes the bile churn in our stomachs more than Denver? The stupid throwbacks... That smug little shit of a coach... All the annoying Bronco fans you've ever known, once again drunk, high and tripping balls on success. Can you imagine the agony if McDaniels actually gets to hoist the Lombardi Trophy next February? If Denver wins a 3rd goddamned Super Bowl? You'll be screaming at your TV next January for the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and/or Carson Palmer to step up and stop their march to XLIV.

Unless they play Pittsburgh. Fuck the fucking Steelers.

I haven't given up on our Seahawks yet, but so far the Seattle/Denver parlay couldn't be going worse for us, could it? Shows you what my jabbering ass knows.