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Matt Hasselbeck Calls You a Quitter, Quitter

I do not read Seahawks Insider too often. It's a good place for news and all, but I have been pretty clear about my opinion on the human side of football. I still get there through Google and that means negotiating the annoying "New blog system" post before making it there. The "No deal yet on Curry" headline reveals how long this page has been up. Think we can fix that?

Anyway, enough of my prattle.

After a performance like we had at home, I think people have definitely counted us out. I think there's a lot of negativity around our team. I've heard people that this season is over and we've got no chance. That's ridiculous. That's absolutely ridiculous. --Matt Hasselbeck

"How early is too early" is a common spots debate. Recently we were discussing if it is too early to ask if Mark Sanchez is a bust. It's obviously too early to stamp Sanchez as a bust, but is it too early to wonder? That's where I am regarding this season. This team is good. Actually quite a bit better than I hoped. Trading big losses with big wins is frustrating, but it beats last season when Seattle traded big losses with huge losses with the occasional heartening loss, demoralizing victory and irrelevant victory. At different times, Seattle has flashed a good passing attack, a good run defense and a good pass defense, and those are the capabilities they will rely on during their next big run.

Of course it is too early to write off this season entirely, but it isn't too early to recognize this season is not likely leading to the playoffs. Seattle has lost to Arizona and San Francisco, and both whipped `em pretty badly. Seattle still must visit Arizona, and though we can theorize a healthy, regrouped line turning the tide, it's possible the line is no healthier and new and further injuries have occurred. A team does not get its injuries out of the way anymore than a whore gets her herps out of the way. You get, you got, you consider in what ways it's your fault.

Seattle is 2-4. The cold weather might slow Arizona on the road, starting this week against the Giants, but however much it will weaken their passing attack, it could make their suddenly otherworldly run defense that much better. The 49ers, who knows? When push comes to shove, that's still Shaun Hill taking snaps, but the team that nearly beat the Vikings on the road shouldn't be discounted because of one blowout loss. I don't think they are smoke and mirrors, just a talented team that can grind it out with the best of them, but that doesn't have the offense to compete long term.

Seattle is 2-4 and talk about its opponents ignores the more essential question: Is this team really good enough to make the playoffs? In light of the injuries already suffered and the injury potential much of this roster has, I don't think so. It has building blocks, and when they play to their potential, it has broad enough and deep enough talent to rout about anyone, but its offense is comprised of stopgaps and its upside is not much greater than what we've already seen. Maybe the run game gels and that is a factor and the receiving talent is already great, but fact remain that the offensive line is patchwork and could continue to be throughout the season and relying on Hasselbeck to stay healthy...

So, sorry Matt, I haven't given up on Seattle making a run at the playoffs, but I know a long shot when I see one. I will never give up on the Seahawks, but enjoying Seahawks football sometimes requires an eye to the horizon. I hope Seattle gets healthy and clicks and does something, but I'll be happy to see Brandon Mebane blow up a run, Darryl Tapp disrupt a pass and Josh Wilson jump a route and run to the end zone without relying on a win to make it worthwhile.