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Saturday Scouting Runneth Over

Football is precious. Today it can seem there is too much for to watch, but come spring I will be putting in DVDs of old games and rewatching Brandon Mebane blow something up. It's the bye week and that is a nice break from wall-to-wall Seahawks. But how better to spend the bye than watching football? And what a week to watch.

Seattle is, maximum, two years from starting over at quarterback. It might be cautious in the offseason, bring in a retread like Jason Campbell, rely on Hasselbeck for contention and have Campbell and Mike Teel battle it out for backup/successor. That would put it out of this year's quarterback class. A once heralded class is now looking shaky, but while 2010 droops, 2011 begins to look legendary.

At 1pm PDT, Jimmy Clausen and Jake Locker take the field. We'll have a gamethread for that. At 1pm PDT, someone named Eric Berry takes the field. Same thread. Actually, the thread might be a bit overstuffed. Seattle fans can watch no less than:


Stephen Paea (Oregon State)

Everson Griffen (USC)

Brandon Deadrick (Alabama)


Taylor Mays (USC)

Eric Berry (Tennessee)

Kareem Jackson (Alabama)

Javier Arenas (Alabama)

Justin Woodall (Alabama)

Josh Pinkard (USC)


Charles Brown (USC)

Matt Tennant (BC)

Kristofer O'Dowd (USC)

Zack Heberer (USC)

Anthony Castonzo (USC)


Stanley Havili (USC)


Jake Locker (Washington)

Jimmy Clausen (ND)


Colin Peek (Alabama)


Golden Tate (ND)

Damian Williams (USC)


Malcolm Smith (USC)

Rico McCoy (Tennessee)

Chris Walker (Tennessee)


Will Mahan (Washington)

And that list resulted from a quick survey of NFL Draft Scout. If you're around, I'll be around, watching football while I can.