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Seahawks at Colts Open Thread

The Colts are going to score. Given the health of the defense and the Manning across the line of scrimmage, the Seahawks offense had better put together a strong performance against an indy defensive unit handing out fewer doses of Dwight Freeney than usual. As the Cardinals showed last week, abandoning the run game plays right into the hands of the smaller, quicker Colts defensive front. Whoever starts on the Seattle O-line had better get some seams for Julius Jones and Justin Forsett. Seneca Wallace looked comfortable making throws on the run last week, drifting backward out of his drop and then running toward the line of scrimmage to find his receivers. He still needs to make better decisions. How will the Seattle offense manage this week with a patchwork line to compliment their patchwork quarterback? Will John summon the strength to get in front of a television? Will Scruffy send a shipment of live bears to Lucas Oil Stadium? Will Edgerrin James, like a spurned former lover, tear through the Colts like a man possessed? Probably not. But stay tuned.