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Mocking the Seattle Seahawks Future: Charles Brown

Tim Ruskell Worthy? If I tell you he plays for USC, can we call it good?

Why should I care? Beyond the inherent coolness of his name, Charlie Brown is a converted tight end--the good kind.

He's 71. The guy that looks huge despite being sub-300. The guy that moves like a fullback. The guy that looks "franchise" is a zone scheme.

He's likely a second rounder. He's a systems guy that fits a kind of offense, but not all offenses. Brown has what you want in the pure zone Greg Knapp is implementing. Peanuts doesn't blow guys off the ball. He's long-legged and has to bend-bend to get under guys. But he's coordinated, quick, agile and has potential to bulk up enough to pancake guys on the move. He's a wiry, natural pass blocker that could be a great run blocker in a zone and screens system.