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Rob Sims Out with an Ankle Injury and Lesser News

Patrick Kerney likely being out next week would not usually classify as lesser news, but Kerney is at the tail-end of his career and the team benefits from the excuse to start Darryl Tapp. That was one of the tidbits detailed by Danny O'Neil following Jim Mora's press conference, along with the release of Kyle Williams, the re-signing of Justin Griffith and a conveniently tentative but hopeful update on Matt Hasselbeck. Remember when Hasselbeck was such a trooper he was ready to play against the Bears and didn't remember even going to the hospital? This Sunday should mark the third straight contest he doesn't start, and complete 14 consecutive quarters he's missed.

The news-news is Sims. Sims is Seattle's best interior lineman and best, position adjusted, offensive linemen Seattle regularly starts. He has improved in bounds as a run blocker, showing vertical quickness to offset his suspect lateral agility, and is as ever a great pass blocker. Following his career revival in New York, Sims' terrible series against Kris Jenkins seems much less terrible. The ankle injury doesn't sound too severe, and while I hate missing Sims, Wrotto deserves a chance to prove he can be more than depth. Taking the long view on this season certainly numbs some of the sting of injuries.

Mansfield Wrotto will start in place of Sims, and Wrotto isn't too bad really. He should be starting ahead of Max Unger. Unger is getting the Lawrence Jackson experience over production treatment, allowed to miss blocks and be walked over in the name of potential, and if Jackson is any indication, maybe it's worth it. I wonder when Seattle stops playing for tomorrow and starts scraping out wins today.

Kerney is the other Ruskell selection I will spotlight. Look for a piece on his first quarter in just a bit.