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A Brief Respite from Bitching

Lofa Tatupu is special and I hope he gets a chance to show Seahawks fans that again soon. With the emphasis on the future, and specifically two ends of Tim Ruskell's team building profile (the project lineman and the pricey veteran) being this week's emphasis, two plays that ended the first quarter might otherwise be missed. Let's just call them "uncategorized but hopeful".

Seattle forced a three and out. Tatupu pressed a pass lane and got a hand up, tipping Peyton Manning's pass and forcing an incomplete. His ability as a pass defender separates him. That's why he has been shuffled behind flashier inside linebackers like Patrick Willis by fans. Pass defense, even at its best, is good for the occasional highlight. Willis wows with his speed and tackling on every snap.

The next play, Cory Redding wrapped around Darryl Tapp's blocker-arresting first step and pressured Manning into targeting outlet receiver Joseph Addai. The pressure placed the pass low, and as Addai scooped it from the turf, Aaron Curry lowered a shoulder and flashed prowess as a zone defender. It was shades of Leroy Hill blasting Ryan Grant into a fumble.