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Can Chauncey Washington Be the New T.J. Duckett?

Seattle is in a strong waiver spot and needs a short yardage back. Washington isn't a hot commodity, so the Seahawks could just as easily let him slip and sign him off the Cowboys practice squad. It could always re-sign T.J. Duckett, as well. I won't bore anyone with FG's brief love affair with Chauncey Washington, but he hasn't done much as a pro, but he hasn't had much of an opportunity either. Dallas and Jacksonville need running backs like Seattle needs linebackers.

Washington is a nice mix of size, speed, inside running ability, receiving ability and even some return ability. He can't match Louis Rankin's 4.0 forty, and maybe he sincerely can't run at the pro level, but I think he's worth a look. Washington offers Seattle something as a burly short yardage back no other member of its roster can match. A brief audit of his game logs informs he is 7/12 in short yardage situations. That's a hair better than the Seahawks. If signing Washington prevents Seattle from attempting reverses and bombs in short yardage, I would consider the signing worth it.