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Matt Hasselbeck "Preparing Himself to Start"

That is how Danny O'Neil put it.

While coach Jim Mora said Wednesday there's no promises he will play, Hasselbeck finished practice for the second consecutive day and is preparing himself to start.

Participating in consecutive practices is a big hurdle. That cleared, Seattle can regain playing for this season. That is a relief, because I hate giving up so early, but Seattle is so far from a contender with Wallace starting, it should be in the XFL. I do not trust team-issued injury reports anymore and with Hasselbeck, a couple weeks of no news had me thinking bad news.

There is a chance Seattle gets bad-Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck is bad when he is too bold or too cautious. Too-bold Matt throws picks. Too-cautious Matt takes sacks. Unlike many of Hasselbeck's former injuries, his rib fracture hopefully will not trigger bad-Hasselbeck. He will trust his receivers and not accept sacks not yet accomplished.

Brian Burke pegs Seattle at about one in three of winning this Sunday. If Hasselbeck is back and in good shape, I think Seattle should be favored and could turn the game lopsided. Making the playoffs seems a distant goal now and true contention almost unattainable, but every win is fun. The sixteen game season makes every loss crushing and every win glorious. For me it does, anyway.