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It's "Suh" Like Supremacy Game Thread

He is Rob Rang's number one overall prospect. He could move Big Bane back to where he established himself as one of the best young defensive tackles in football, simultaneously displacing Colin Cole. He is built like a true three-tech, rather than a 3-4 end/4-3 tackle hybrid, and has the kind of size, athleticism and explosion to be an Albert Haynesworth type force.

Ndamukong Suh plays tonight, but it's on ESPN, so I won't see it. The true test of a great defensive tackle is his supremacy, so to speak. It doesn't show in the individual stats. It's about dominating matchups. It's an ability to beat and punish any single blocker. It's an ability to whoop ass on the occasional double team. And it's one thing Brandon Mebane does not have, an ability to get past that blocker or double team and close and explode into the ball carrier. To take that threat and make it a crisis.

If you're around and have time to watch the game, I am interested in opinions on Suh. I want to like him, but I haven't seen enough to know. Longtime readers know: Seattle getting a great defensive tackle is a bit of an obsession of mine. My interest piqued when I saw Nebraska is leading all D1 teams in scoring defense. That could be a sign Suh is stepping into his talent and becoming an elite prospect.

This is a thread to talk Suh or just the game.