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Krieg to Skansi FTW... 19 Years Ago Today

Today's the anniversary of the greatest moment of Dave Krieg's career, and of the single greatest play in franchise history. Most people remember that game for Derrick Thomas' record-breaking performance, but not us Twelves. At the time I was a snot-nosed 15 year old poppin' my pimples in Richland, WA. My mom let me turn our basement TV room into a "Seahawks Cave" during football season, with posters, banners, newspaper clippings, and so on blanketing the walls. 

We were getting ready to move to Kennewick, and that day the realtor was having an open house (yes, my little punk-ass insisted on staying put to watch the Hawks that day rather than, you know, watching the game elsewhere). The whole tribe was packed into the "Seahawks Cave", and when Krieg hit Skansi for the winning TD we all went completely luggage-throwin'-ape-shit. I jumped so high I hit my head on the roof of the basement, and the realtor came running downstairs thinking that we were murdering each other or something... All we could do was scream incoherently and point at the TV. We didn't get any offers on the house that day, obviously.

What are your memories of that insane win at Arrowhead?