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Seahawks Have 37 in 100 Chance of Winning

Prime numbers do not make for good headline writing, I guess. Brian Burke projects Seattle as underdogs, but not decided underdogs on the road against Arizona. Seattle is as healthy as it's been in two seasons. Arizona is not.

It's not fashionable to rip Steve Vallos after he proved himself an able backup center, but DEAR GOD did you see how awful he was in week 6? With Seattle trailing after a bit-o' Arizona chicanery matched with Bruce Dehaven Dehavenry (a quantifiable seven point swing), Vallos single-handedly put the Cardinals on the Seattle 23 after Calais Campbell tore threw him for an instantaneous sack and forced fumble on Matt Hasselbeck. In football, points are only part of understanding who will win. Possession and field position have real, but intangible value. Seattle had three plays, the last ending in a fumble, to the Cardinals three possessions. That ended the game before it could start.

Arizona only scored ten points after that ruinous start for the Seahawks. The Seahawks were not blown out. They were ambushed. Any and every coach that is not 1000% prepared tomorrow, should update their resume. Feel free to call me a homer, but in light of the Seahawks health and the Cardinals injuries, Seattle has the talent advantage. They can win tomorrow. They will win tomorrow.