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Seattle Seahawks News, Notes, Errata

Field Gulls falsely reported Julius Jones to be dead of a massive rupture to his spleen. In fact, Jones was sent to the hospital with a presumed broken rib and bleeding in his lung. The broken ribs turned out to be a bruise and the bleeding in his lung minor. We wish Jones well and many more snaps for Chris Simms.

We are also regretful to report that the Seahawks did not win yesterday's contest but instead lost by a score of 31 to 20. Early reports indicated that Seattle had taken a substantial lead into the half and were powering threw Arizona on the strength of a resurgent run game. Field Gulls took advantage of the early lead to toss together a game story about Seattle's triumphant victory and resulting march towards the playoffs, but that story proved erroneous. I later heard on the radio through the din of MW2 that Seattle flopped in the second half, choking away certain victory. As a loyal fan, I am disappointed in their error.

A final error we wish to correct: Field Gulls compiled a list of quotes and factoids from yesterday's contest. It was informative, opinionated and replete with lyrical misuse of homophones - a signature style element of our work. We awoke today to learn we were not the authors of this work, but merely linked to it, stealing the good work of one Eric Williams. In the future, Field Gulls promises to avoid lazy blogger tactics devised to squeeze out clever content without any actual work.