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Meet Tyson Alualu

Since we are talking about optimizing Seattle's defensive line, let's look at a talent it could add to help that process: Tyson Alualu. Alualu is a four-year contributor and 36 game starter. He has played mostly end at Cal, but is built like a three-tech tackle. He has a great frame and overall build. My writing that may surprise some. Alualu is not hulking like Taylor Mays or cut like Patrick Kerney, but instead has broad shoulders, wide hips and smooth musculature. It's a frame that could add weight with ease and will add muscle with age.

He has five sacks and six tackles for a loss this season and 20.5 and 14.5 for his career. Alualu (pronounced Ah-loo Ah-loo) is a good mix of young, experienced and peaking at the right time. Note: The below was created before his monster senior season. Alualu is #44.