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Sean Locklear Survives the First Quarter

You all hankering for some Sean Locklear love? Didn't think so. Locklear did not have a very good first quarter. He wasn't moving well and was routinely overpowered by Calais Campbell. Campbell is enjoying a sophomore surge, so I do not discount the level of competition, but routinely beat is no way to play left tackle.

Locklear looked a touch gimpy to me. The significance of the contest might have forced him into action a week too early. He'll face an elite competitor next week. Jared Allen could expose a never nude. Locklear does not need to beat Allen to be good, but he does need to stand toe-to-toe against his divisional foes.

My notes start when Fox deigned to switch from its morning publicity stunt to an actual contest: Seattle's second offensive drive. Lock started with an okay mirror slide. He was slow shading blitzing linebackers but compensated by grounding them at their turn point. He was able to pancake the Cardinals linebackers with ease, but only after they pressured the edge.

Lock was at his best run blocking. He showed good power and ability to stand up and redirect his man. He also moved well enough if slower than usual. His greatness weakness was handling Campbell's inside move. Locklear was twice beat to his inside shoulder.

Overall, in twelve snaps, I have Locklear down for: Three failed blocks, two good jumps off the snap, two knock down blocks, one turn, one missed assignment, one great cut block and a handful of mixed plays.