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Bills Sign Brohm

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30+ teams have passed on Brian Brohm. He was a highly ranked high school recruit*, a successful college quarterback at an overmatched program, that fell, fell, to the second round. The Bills acquire him for asking. Brohm turned 24 September 23. The Bills are his second team in two seasons. The Bills are in diseray. Brohm could be quarterbacking a simplified offense before the season is out.

I swear, if the Toronto Bills have a better quarterback than Seattle in 2010, this is going to be the scene at the VMAC, August 2011.




bust some VMAC security1122413469_037f68ba3e_o_medium ass...




and then...


Riki-Oh Ruskell.

I know a number of you will resort to the "if ... then something must be wrong with Brohm" argument. While this coincides with truth, it is not, in fact, a logical statement. You can not prove something with something you do not know.

*His 26 on the SAT may be cause for alarm.

P.S. - Please, please allow me to believe he's bad or unwilling to sign with Seattle.