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Seattle Seahawks One in Five Shot of Not Being Lynched by Their Own Tracheas

This is the part of the week when Brian Burke releases his objective projections and I muddy everything with opinions. Burke projects Seattle as pronounced underdogs. I am aghast to read this. Seattle is a juggernaut just finding its oars. It's a wakened monster about to rain Justin Forsett all over the Metrodome. Oh bow before us Land of a 10,000 Mosquito Ponds!

The Seahawks have one chance of not being defenestrated from the top floor of Capella tower.

Brett Favre.

If the Seahawks can somehow stop Adrian Peterson - scoff if you will, Peterson is the type of boom or bust back that Seattle has been able to shut down - it needs only Favre to provide some Favre magic for Seattle to upset. Favre is primarily a play action quarterback now, and without the run game chugging, he can be exposed.

I would have a little more confidence if someone named Colin Cole was not matching across someone named Steve Hutchinson. Perhaps, if nothing else, this is the game that dooms Cole to the bench. Or maybe Hutch will do us a solid and drive block Cole back to Green Bay. The Packers could use a nose tackle. Cole is awfully heavy.