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Dolphins at Panthers Game Thread

I was hoping Ronnie Brown would play. Brown is the most intriguing potential free agent running back in this year's always-thin free agent running back class. But Brown is injured again and, as such, might not be worth the money anyway. I guess we could instead look at Julius Peppers and dream of Seattle clearing out Patrick Kerney, Matt Hasselbeck and Walter Jones' contract and signing Peppers, but Peppers already knows failure. He wants success.

The remaining storyline, ignoring Jonathan Stewart and Chad Henne, is Pat White and the future of the Wild Cat. College is teeming with Pat White like players that excel at the college game but have no future in the pros. The Wild Cat, its establishment and moreover its long and successful run, has challenged the pass first offense. Could teams soon be building an entire offense around single-wing principles? Will David Lee soon coach the Jacksonville Jaguars and tutor Tim Tebow to NFL dominance?

A less farfetched impact of White excelling down the stretch is how it will affect the NFL draft. If White excels in Miami, tweener quarterbacks that can run a single wing could be a hot commodity in next year's draft. I love innovation and innovation is part of what I love about the NFL. I want White to achieve 100+ total yards tonight.