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David Hawthorne Finishes Drive 1-2 for 14 Yards

Seattle started the game strong. Olindo Mare kicked a touchback and then Seattle forced Dallas to punt after five plays for 24 yards. Justin Forsett unwisely signaled fair catch at the Seattle six, but the Seahawks drove down the field and Mare kicked a 43 yard field goal to give Seattle the early lead.

Seattle started the game sloppy. Josh Wilson covered Miles Austin on his 10 yard completion. Wilson backed off before the snap and Austin shook coverage with his cut. Austin curled back and Wilson bit deep, allowing Austin an easy reception in the right flat. On the next play, David Hawthorne read Marion Barber's rush and shot through the right ‘A' gap, but fell off the tackle and allowed Barber to break right and into the second level. Leroy Hill broke contain. Ken Lucas tackled him after 16, but Hawthorne had a chance to tackle Barber for a loss and Hawthorne's penetration gave Hill an easy cleanup tackle off right end. Hill chased the inside movement and was easily blocked out attempting to reset on the right.

Pressure forced two sloppy throws by Tony Romo and Dallas punted. First, Hawthorne atoned. Dallas attempted to set a screen on the right, but pulled their blockers too quickly and allowed Hawthorne to get underneath and clear to the ball carrier. He was again in position and again almost lost Barber on a broken tackle. Heater's mighty ankle tackle prevailed and Barber was dropped in the backfield.

The Seahawks followed with consecutive blitzes. They overloaded the offensive left. Cory Redding dropped into cover on the offensive right. The blitz was contained but the pressure nevertheless forced an inaccurate pass from Romo. Seattle challenged the ‘A' gaps on the next play. Hawthorne and Aaron Curry aligned between the defensive tackles of a wide-set four man rush. Curry blitzed and broke through with power. Hawthorne dropped left, Darryl Tapp dropped into the left flat and Jordan Babineaux struck from the right. Romo misfired.