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Seattle's Run Game--Not Broken at All?

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A bit of perspective is in order. A lot of hand wringing, finger pointing and alarm sounding is being done by coaches and fans about the Seahawks running game. Seattle has faced ten opponents and those ten opponents rank 1, 3, 5, 9, 9, 11, 12, 17, 20 and 31 against the run. Seattle does not have a good rushing attack, it ranks 27th by the same metric, but it is attempting to learn a new system against a stacked schedule of elite and good run defenses.

Julius Jones is expected back this Sunday. If he stays healthy and finishes the season, hopefully sharing carries with Justin Forsett, he will reestablish himself against the 29, 5, 23, 32, 4 and 22 ranked rush defenses. The fifth ranked team is the top ten ranked 49ers defense. The fourth ranked team is the first ranked Packers defense. Green Bay is facing a wave of late season injuries and could decline before week 16.

Seattle is likely to look a lot better rushing the ball over the next six weeks than it did in the previous ten. The starting line is starting and the offense is executing the zone blocking scheme better and better, but the biggest difference is likely to be the strength of opponent. Over the coming months, the former and lesser will be spotlighted by commentators and coaches. The truth is: Seattle's running game is neither broken nor two months from now will it be fixed. It's not very talented. It has a couple pieces in place to build from, and assuming a healthier Matt Hasselbeck, those pieces could burst out against lesser opponents and push the running game towards average. And average is as much as I ever hoped from Jones, Forsett and the motley crew that blasts holes for them.