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Denver Neckbeards Open Thread

Seattle will finish somewhere between 5-11 and 7-9. Tim Ruskell has succeeded adding talented depth, bricklayers, but the Seahawks lack elite talent. It's too early to know how much elite talent this draft holds*, but should it be top heavy but heavy with second tier talent, as it looks now, Seattle might trade up and draft a cornerstone player in the first and then trade back and acquire picks:

1. Nadomukung Suh, Eric Berry, Gerald McCoy, Spiller if he runs a monster 40, Dunlap, maybe Bradord, Morgan etc.

2a. Ciron Black

2b. Colt McCoy

For Seattle to be able to move into the top ten, but still have two picks within the top 64, It will need Denver to give it a good pick. The Broncos are lame. Put em down Giants.

(McCoy is short and does not have a strong arm. I do not think McCoy has poor arm strength and imagine he's slightly shorter than Matthew Stafford. However, short quarterbacks with average arms are rarely chosen early in the draft. Mark Sanchez isn't helping anyone either.)

*How would we typify the 2009 draft? A great linebacker draft and not a shit lot else?