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The Seattle Seahawks New 53 Man Roster

Enough action happens at the fringe of Seattle's roster that I could fill a day's worth of posts just about Louis Rankin and C.J. Wallace. I don't. A time comes when enough moves have piled up that the aggregate is newsworthy. That time is today - so says I.

Seattle released C.J. Wallace and signed Jamar Adams. Wallace has long since expended his practice squad eligibility, and after watching the Hawks return teams get burned again and again, Wallace has finally ended his job as special teams ace. I doubt this move is an indictment of Wallace's special teams play, though he hasn't recorded a tackle since week 3, as much as it's a forced move towards the future. Consider this the Seahawks blowing up their roster with firecrackers. Adams is a far better safety talent than Wallace and with Lawyer Milloy all covered in cobwebs and cast in sepia tones, could see action this season.

I like Adams talent but I haven't liked his play. Louis Rankin played his himself into a Seattle homecoming, but his talent fails to tantalize. Rankin is tall and thin and reportedly was timed at 4.55 in the forty. He underperformed for most of his college career and then broke out as a senior. Rankin fills the Seahawks need for a Husky, but short of a surprising late career break out, and don't be mistaken, as young as he is, Rankin is already late into his professional career, Rankin is little more than roster fodder with hope tagged on like tiny post it notes. "For Sunday: Don't screw up."

Mike Hass is back, entering the gangsta rap phase of his professional career. He wants to taste your nectar, he does.

Seattle also added Roy Lewis. You might be better off reading this. Lewis was a standout at University of Washington when the standards for standout was standing without assistance.

The team filled out its practice squad with tiny, kinda speed back Devin Moore - we all remember him -, a corner named Trae Williams I know little about, and DeAngelo Willingham. Willingham has by the best set of tools of the bunch and may be transitioned to safety.