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Is Colt McCoy Junior Jeff Garcia?

Greg Knapp and Jeff Garcia rose to prominence together. The San Francisco 49ers signed Garcia from the Stampeders in 1998, Knapp's second season as quarterbacks coach. After Steve Young suffered a career ending traumatic brain injury*, Garcia won a battle of backups with Steve Stenstrom. The next season Garcia went to his first Pro Bowl. The next season Knapp became the team's offensive coordinator. Garcia would return to the Pro Bowl the next two seasons.

You can see how Garcia would click within Knapp's system. Knapp likes roll outs, he likes to move the pocket and his system benefits from a quarterback that can occasionally run. He incorporates short, middle and deep routes, leans heavily on play action and likes to run boots off play action. A Knapp quarterback must be able to throw on the run. The quarterback doesn't need a cannon but good deep accuracy and touch. Further, in this Tim Ruskell regime, any future Seahawks quarterback better have pocket presence. Garcia was able to move but keep his career sack percentage at 4.7%.

Colt McCoy's 5.2% might jump a little as a pro, but it's respectable. His completion percentage will come to Earth, too, but completion percentage is one of the more persistent skills of quarterbacking. Whatever his fate, McCoy will not have a bad completion percentage in the pros. He plays like a young, slightly taller Jeff Garcia and his potential is that of Garcia++.


Garcia++ is a pretty damn good foundation for the Greg Knapp Offense.

*Like "concussion" but honest.