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Seahawks Game Not to be Shown in the Portland Area?


Update: Patrick McCreery wrote me back to confirm the game will be televised in the Portland area.

I awoke from Reavers smashing my head into a second story bathroom window and into a much worse ordeal: SSReporters emailed me the most recent distribution map and it projects Seahawks at Texans will not be broadcast in the Portland area. I've emailed Fox 12 seeking confirmation. The game is still on the site's program guide, but maybe it wasn't updated. The switch happened just yesterday.

If you live in the Portland area or just get a kick out of advocacy, send your emails to and voice your displeasure. Maybe we can convince Fox to switch it back or at least choke their rivers with our dead trying. If we can't, I'll awake early Sunday morning, hop into my car and look for a bar in Centralia. And no one wants that, especially not the city of Centralia. A weekend without Seahawks football is a tiny death I will not tolerate. Worse than Reavers storming my bathroom and raping my friends and myself to death. And I'll tell ya, even in dream form, that's pretty bad.