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Monday Night Football - Open Thread

Arizona travels to San Francisco to play a division rival fighting for its playoff life. I cribbed that line from Mike Tirico. Expect him to say it about fifteen times tonight. Brian Burke projects this as a pick`em, with Arizona's small advantage as a team being negated by San Francisco's home field advantage. Making an intelligent prediction about one NFL game is foolish, but here's my stab at foolishness: Arizona's defense is coming on late. The Cardinals lean on their talented secondary and establish a dominating in-the-box presence. It has dominated teams that build their offense off the run game and struggled against accurate passers. Alex Smith has shown flashes of accuracy. He has shown flashes of the panicky kid that could lose a game by himself. Smith could break out or break.

I think Smith finds open targets and passes for 300 yards. I also think he suffers some bad sacks and fumbles his team out of the game. We'll see. My reverse curse has been crushing recently.