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Ruston Webster Makes His Bid for Continuity

Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post is reporting that Ruston Webster, Seattle's interim general manager and formerly Tim Ruskell's right hand man, is interviewing for the position of general manager today. I support Webster as a conservative move, and a chance to retain the good parts of the Ruskell years while, perhaps, eschewing some of his greater weaknesses. Namely: An unwillingness to draft talent from small schools and a sometimes maddening inability to see the forest for the trees.

Webster is more involved with Seattle's current roster and less likely to bring a fresh perspective on the team and its needs. Without extensive research, I can't compare him to every potential GM candidate, but instinctively, I assume he is neither the best nor the worst. He is, it would seem, the least radical possible candidate.

If I may propose a suggestion: Why not retain Webster, sign an offensive guru to an equal complementary position, and allow Tod Leiweke to be the moderator. It seems committe and consensus and the power of intelligently assembled groups is the future of leadership, and the Big Man, man in charge, ruler, king and god approach is an artifact of early humans that is no longer relevant in the new millennium.