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Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars - Open Thread

In week one, the Jacksonville Jaguars ran with the Colts, nearly pulling out a victory in the fourth quarter.

In week four, the SeneHawks were destroyed by the Colts in Indianapolis.

In week five, the HasselHawks annihilated the Jaguars 41-0 at home.

Now, the Colts travel to Jacksonville attempting to protect their perfect season.

Historically, the Colts struggle against good rushing teams. The Jaguars predicate their offense on running the ball, and that rushing attack is as vital as ever. Seattle tore up Jacksonville precisely because the Jaguars could not effectively run the ball. Will the Jaguars beat the Colts because they can target Indy's Achilles heel? Or will Manning again give his team the kind of early lead it needs to power its opportunistic Tampa 2 style defense?