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Why John Carlson Was Blocking Mario Williams

John Carlson is not yet a competent blocker, but the day he becomes one, and he will, he still won't stand a chance against Mario Williams. So why did Greg Knapp assign Carlson to block Williams? It seems awfully foolish. Even an elite blocking tight end like Jim Kleinsasser shouldn't be matched against an elite end with perhaps the best tools this side of Julius Peppers.

It's simple, really. Knapp called a designed wide receiver screen to Nate Burleson. Burleson motioned from left wide toward the left slot and then Chris Spencer snapped. Matt Hasselbeck motioned hand off to Justin Forsett and then passed to Burleson. Well, he was supposed to. Instead, Hasselbeck faked hand off, pump faked and then surveyed his one remaining option.

And was sacked. T.J. Houshmandzadeh was in the left slot and initiated contact off the snap. He drove his defender back and got him to bite on the route. He wasn't close to open. Deion Branch was on the right. He ran a "go" route that was supposed to draw the safety but didn't. Hasselbeck saw that and optioned out of the screen. And was sacked.