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It's Official: Mike Holmgren Will Not Be The GM

A few days ago word got out that Mike Holmgren had received a front office position offer from the Cleveland Browns organization. Now word has gotten out that he recently received an offer of a "senior leadership" position from the Seahawks. We also know that Holmgren has rejected that offer.

Danny O'Neil at the Seattle Times sums up what we currently know and do not know about this news.

In brief, we know that the Cleveland position allows Holmgren to report directly to Browns owner Randy Lerner while he would have had to report to Vulcan Sports CEO Tod Leiweke (who reports to Paul Allen) should he have accepted the Seattle offer*. Exactly how many layers separating Holmgren from Allen is unknown, but it is fairly clear that the Cleveland job provides a good deal more autonomy for the Big Show. 

If autonomy is what Mike Holmgren truly wants, the Seattle job was never going to be an option for him. Tod Leiweke and the Vulcan Sports oversight likely aren't going anywhere so long as Paul Allen is the owner of this franchise. If you're expecting the organization to restructure the offer to give Holmgren (or any other GM candidate) more freedom, don't hold your breath.

This is probably good news for the Seahawks. There are other (and likely better) GM candidates out there, and it would serve the team well to conduct a thorough search to find the best person for the job. In the end, the organization decided it would be in its own best interests to part ways with one of the greatest personalities in franchise history. Despite how we may all have felt about prospective Seahawks general manager candidate Mike Holmgren, we can probably all agree that we hope he finds success with his new organization**. Best of luck to you, Mike.

*Assuming that the position offered was President of Football Operations and not Senior Towel Boy Manager. Leiweke was rather vague when he referred to the offer as a "Senior Leadership" position. 

**Please sign off on the Cleveland offer. Do it, Mike.