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Mike Holmgren is the Man in Cleveland

Well, Cleveland is where I expected the Big Show to land, so I see this as less news than confirmation. I wish Mike Holmgren nothing but success. He failed as a general manager his first go round, but was, perhaps, overwhelmed with coaching and running the franchise. I think that's unlikely though. I think it is much more likely that Holmgren has an eye for offensive talent, no eye for defensive talent, a maddening sense of loyalty that blinds his judgment, and the kind of pride and self confidence to lead a franchise towards ruin if things break badly.

But that will wait. Today, Holmgren inherits a deceptively talented Browns offense and defense and should benefit immensely from the halo effect of a rising franchise. If you're out there boys and girls, remember to buy low, and take credit for the inevitable revival. Fans seem categorically opposed to rating the individual moves of an executive, and when Cleveland rebounds from a terrible season, Holmgren will surely be credited for...whatever.