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Monday Night Football - Open Thread

The ever polarizing Jason Campbell hosts the formerly polarizing Eli Manning. Manning is a year older than Campbell almost to the day. Campbell has outperformed Eli, statistically speaking, year-for-year, throughout the pair's careers before Manning broke out in his age 27 season. Campbell is 27 for a few more weeks, but hasn't played significantly better this season than last. One would think that so young, playing against consistently tough divisional competition, and at the helm of a young, largely talent poor offense, his holding pattern, continued good but not great play, would be a minor victory for the young quarterback -- a reason for patience, if not celebration.

Instead, it will end his time as a starter in Washington. Unlike Eli, who has consistently underperformed Campbell in completion percentage and interception percentage, and has the exact same career adjusted yards per attempt, Campbell doesn't have winner written into his name. Campbell's slow development and good but not great play is proof that he's double dense and incapable of development. On a team with more jobbers than players, Campbell is the brain-twisting lightning rod for fan and ownership complaints.

If only he could ride the league's best rushing attack and a dominant defense to a Super Bowl, then he would be a significantly better quarterback.