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Popular Opinion is Just That

If you look to assign blame for the crumbling of the Seahawks, the potential targets are plentiful. Perhaps when everything falls apart this markedly, there's enough blame to hand out to each and every player, coach, and executive. What bothers me is the seemingly pervasive public notion that the offensive line and the defense are to blame. Case in point. Jim Moore decided that Mora and Hasselbeck should be absolved.

When you call out Olindo Mare after the Bears game and the offensive line after the Houston game when the defense should have been called out even more, you don't build a good case for yourself as a leader of men. It's possible that he's lost the team.

But then I think, wait a minute, could Bill Belichick do a better job with the Hawks? It's hard to gauge the quality of the coaching when the players aren't very good.

If that sequence doesn't bother you, you didn't pay close enough attention. Suddenly the whole team is garbage and so Mora gets a pass on his admittedly poor leadership because of it? That's the sort of logic that brings us to my point. 

Assuming the defense is bad means you haven't paid close enough attention to the failings of the offense. The offense has failed primarily because of poor quarterback play. Very poor quarterback play. Yes, the line was not very good in the early portion of the season. The last several games, however, have seen pretty good protection and still the offense sputtered. Yet people cling to Hasselbeck. Read towards the bottom of the article and see the author's recommendations for the new GM. Among them:

Publicly support Hasselbeck. If you think he's part of the Seahawks' problems, you're out of your mind.

I'm out of my mind. Around much of the Seahawks fandom and even on here on Field Gulls, there are some that would prefer to scrap most of the team instead of finding a new quarterback. Change is difficult. As you read articles or listen to the radio or talk to your friends about the Seahawks, don't allow yourself to be swayed by the excuses being bandied about for the failings of the team. Separate your love for a player and their value to a team. Oh, and the failures of the team don't somehow excuse the antics of the head coach. Articles like this drive me bonkers.