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Monday Night Open Thread

I have a lot of book stuff to accomplish over the next week and so posting might be light and sporadic. The Seahawks have obliged by ending their season three weeks early and finishing their schedule with a slate of fantasy camps for fans. You see that bald bloke in a Hasselbeck jersey? Real Matt Hasselbeck could throw farther and faster from his knees, but what a fan! If I had been beat around, battered and humiliated like him, I would have dragged my corpse to the sideline and requested the kid in the Wallace jersey sub in. But Hasselbeck-guy would have none of that. He embraced his dream with foolish, almost quixotic enthusiasm. He didn't think twice about his own pride, the pride of the city of Seattle or the Seahawks franchise; was undeterred by the mocking laughter of the Green Bay Packers defenders, the Lambeau faithful and Seahawks fans across the world; He saw no reason to sit a snap for the good of the future. And Jim Mora, fat with fantasy bucks, concurred.

This is a game thread for tonight. Jay Cutler is completing as bad a season as about anyone could imagine. The Bears are bad and sacrificed their future to be so. But, deep down, I'm still a little jealous. And how sad is that? I would gladly sign and start Troy Smith. I would sign about anyone that could elevate Seattle's offense from the pit of backyard football. Seattle could start Seneca Wallace and see if Knapp has any smarts in his system. It could start Mike Teel and better understand his future and thus the team's future. It hasn't and it won't and as bad and barren and poorly run as the Bears are, they are better than Seattle this season, have a better coach, a better quarterback and a brighter future. So, boo, hiss and defame Jay Cutler if you will, because, deep down, we're jealous.

And how sad is that? Pretty fucking.