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Crucial College Football Saturday - Open Thread

I just re-watched Colt McCoy execute a two minute drill to pull past Ohio State and lead the Longhorns to a come from behind victory in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl. I forgot how impressive he looked that day, making NFL progressions, and showing NFL accuracy and zip on short and intermediate throws. I notated the entire game in a fit of enthusiasm.

ABC is broadcasting Tony Pike against the Growling Wannstedts at 9am - cartoon hours. Pike is a legitimate prospect. I would like to see if he's good, or just tall.

The SEC championship airs at 1pm on the Eye. A week ago this was appointment viewing. The penultimate chance to see every single player Tim Ruskell would draft this coming April. It's not quite the entire talent pool anymore, but it still matters. And! Now we can scout hoodlums, heathens, alcoholics and other malcontents.

The Man Named 'Football' is my Double Bastard and pizza event of the evening. McCoy has weaknesses. Weaknesses I'll enumerate in the morning. McCoy has a precocious recognition of blindside pressure, is cool in the pocket, does not drop into infinity, but can panic under gut pressure.

Enter Ndamukong Suh.